welcome to the opinons!

hark, here are the thoughts, musings and ramblings of yours truly, organised chronologically for your perusal. more specific pages imminent!


first entry! hullo hullo, very much enjoying the art of taking back the web one painful line of html at a time. I never properly learnt html, most coding I did was a while ago and in python but this shouldn't be too hard. been seeing a lot of really cool neocities pages and wanting to crack them open to see what's going on inside. I gave up on being a computer nerd a while ago — but I am completely enamoured with all the blinkies and gifs people put all over their sites so here I am.

I want to talk about lots of different things here, just have a space that I can dump ideas and stuff and engage in the little community over here. therefore I'll probably make different pages for in-depth thoughts on things like anime and games but everything else will go here I think! don't want to confuse things too much.

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